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Is your website secure?

Website Security and Maintenance

website securityAt 512 City Design Enterprises LLC we offer a very affordable Website Security and Maintenance package for WordPress websites. This package is eligible to websites we’ve built or your existing WordPress website built by another company. Our security and maintenance techniques are top of the line and most of the website issues you might endure are already being handled in the background by our team of professional website security experts.

Why website security?

To start with, your website is very similar to your vehicle. Without regular maintenance your vehicle will breakdown over time, or worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road. Your website is similar in this regard, simply put, if it is not properly maintained over time, hackers and spammers can target your site for security vulnerabilities and utilize your website for their spamming and fake links to their websites . This in turn tells Google and search engines your site is not secured and can get flagged as possible malware and can be removed by search engines until repaired. In some cases, we have experience full sites being taken down completely by malware and hackers. This can be very costly as all content will be lost as well as the website, framework and design. A new website, content and design will then be warranted

What do you get?

Because websites are complicated systems that need multiple soware packages to allow for the display of high-end
features including Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness, the need for ongoing maintenance is crucial to a successful
online presence. With each software vendor updating at different times, it is easy for a site to lose its structure and
hinder the display. Our maintenance & security package is built for businesses that want to keep their site running
top-notch and also may need help with the day-to-day management or updates of their website. Included in this
package: blog uploads (not blog writing), content changes, plugin, and framework updates, and image changes,
everything youʼll need to keep your site current. On the security side, we manage and secure the website to help
prevent malware attacks from affecting your site. We provide a report monthly to update you on what has been done,
monitor website uptime, broken links, and security scans. Our MS plan includes access to our stellar support ticket
system and is a turn-key solution to keep your site rating well with your users and Google.

  • 24 Website Monitoring
  • Updates to most templates and WordPress CMS (we mainly use DIVI for all our website builds)
  • Virus Prevention and Removal
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Daily Backups
  • Plugin Updates
  • Minor Content and most Framework updates
  • Any other tasks that lend towards web building best practices
  • Minor Website Changes

Coupled with our extra fast and secure website hosting with SSL, our security package offers a great deal of peace of mind.

Call us at 512-968-4089, email us or use our handy contact form today for a free quote and see the difference 512 City Design Enterprises LLC can make for the growth of your business.

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