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Fast, Reliable Website Hosting with SSL

Did you know the faster your website loads the better you will rank on Google? Faster website hosting leads to faster load times. When google is ranking your site they are looking for a number of things, load time is a very important factor when it comes to ranking and SEO.

We offer excellent, secure hosting with daily backups and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which increases the speed in which a website loads. We HIGHLY recommend hosting websites on our servers as it gives us the ability to have full control and quickly troubleshoot any issues that may come into play. Paired with our security checks and daily backups, we offer a top-notch hosting at a reasonable price.


Why Host Through Us?

  • SSL: Having an SSL certificate installed is more or less required in the eyes of Google. Not having SSL installed will have a negative effect in search engines, SERP and SEO.
  • Local: Our servers are located in Dallas, which results in faster load times
  • CDN: Built-in Content Delivery Network: Faster page loading times will help increase rankings.
  • VPS: All sites are on a virtual private server (VPS), not shared hosting. This means other sites will not affect your site if they get infected with malware.
  • Backups: Daily website backups: we can easily restore a previous version if something happens.

Coupled with our state of the art website security and maintenance package your website will be top notch and appealing to it’s visitors and Google with fast load times and malware free!

Are You Ready For Success?

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